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Saas - Best of Both Worlds, Gain Flexibility Through Multiple Models of Software Delivery

The Best of Both Worlds: Gain Flexibility Through Multiple Models of Software Delivery. Lower IT costs. Faster ROI. Better security. These are all promises that the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model makes. For the small to medium business (SMB) it promises a more cost effective way to manage customer service and support, the most popular application offered on-demand. More risk. Lack of reliability. Fewer features. These are some of the concerns related by those who hesitate to use on-demand customer support solutions. They are uncertain of the true security and total cost of ownership (TOC) of SaaS. Those businesses that subscribe to on-demand applications say that SaaS is living up to its promises and feel confident in its use but may wish to switch to on-premise in the future. Those that did not adopt SaaS early say there is too much risk in using a third party service to store sensitive data and provide customer service applications with a high degree of reliability and customization. However, a future move to on-demand services has not been ruled out. Both parties want the flexibility to use the model best suited to their present business conditions while reserving the ability to migrate to the other model as business demands. Both groups would receive great benefits from the promise of a migration path between the two models without sacrificing the performance of the previous model or requiring retraining to use the new one.

Tags: CRM, Customer Service, SaaS

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