C2 CRM Brochure

C2CRM Brochure

A Customer Relationship Management solution should not be a drain to your business. It should be easy to learn, simple to implement and affordable for today’s small to mid-sized business (SMB). That’s C2 CRM. It is clearly a better CRM solution which was designed from over 10 years of exhaustive research about what the SMB market needs. It’s affordable. It’s simple to learn and use. And its browserbased design means everyone can use it instantly. C2 CRM is clearly different. It offers the power and flexibility usually reserved for custom CRM solutions, with the ease of use and implementation typically associated with contact managers. There’s simply nothing like C2 CRM and it’s ready to help your business improve productivity, increase sales and boost your bottom line. Take a look at this comprehensive brochure which provides more details about how C2CRM can improve your profits.

Tags: CRM, CRM implementation, Accounting Integration, ERP Integration

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