Sitecore White Paper

Sitecore and the Marketing Experience

This whitepaper addresses ways to optimize the day-to-day activities of a marketing team – how marketers with different responsibilities, knowledge, and skills can work together to manage a Web site. By delivering solutions for four typical roles – the casual contributor, the product marketing manager, the Web campaign manager, and the experience designer – a WCM like Sitecore can define, structure, and simplify the range of tasks required to keep content current and engaging. As a result, each marketer can manage much more of the interactive experience on his or her own, lowering the financial costs and time delays associated with depending on multiple outside specialists. This is true for every key role in the marketing team, as Sitecore’s flexible role assignment matches the functionality with the role, delivering far more productive results with a savings in time and money.

Tags: Website Marketing, Web Expereince, Web Marketing

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