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Open Source CMS Isn’t Free (it’s not even cheap)

A common misconception when looking at web content management software tools, is that open source software will save time and money. This white paper addresses this misconception – and provides the basis for an “apples to apples” comparison of the real costs that organizations should consider when acquiring a solution to manage their web site. The Open Source software movement is certainly one that has gained a lot of popularity. But even today, there remains a fundamental misconception about what it is; so then what is Open Source? Open Source software is simply software that is available under a different licensing arrangement than commercial software. Most often, Open Source software is an agreement which permits the end-user to make any modification to the source code they would like, and then redistribute that code in its modified or unmodified form. So, many different “products” can share the same Open Source code base – as is the case with Nuxeo, Plone and Zope – which are all built upon the Zope framework. Finally, Open Source software is often developed in a public, collaborative manner – which means there is generally a community of developers who are working on new features and versions.

Tags: CMS, open source cms, open source content management

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