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Controlling Content and Building an Online Brand with a CMS

The word ‘brand’ has come to mean a lot more than just corporate identity. A brand is no longer a logo, or a tagline, or the ‘look and feel’; a brand is a promise. A promise not just of a good product, but of an entire range of user experiences in an ongoing relationship between company and consumer. The best-known global brands today are instantly recognizable – and instantly associated with a certain set of attributes. Building such a brand in today’s wired world can be easier and more difficult at the same time. Establishing this identity online is vital because, as Reuters points out, “Internet companies are becoming more important to people than firms that operate in the real world”. The Internet clearly presents unprecedented opportunities to build online brands, and some unique challenges as well. Communicating an online brand requires centrality of structure, empowerment, and collaboration within global Web implementations. Many global corporations, however, are still slipping up in implementing their own brand guidelines. Errors with design, presentation, content and code can fragment the online brand and undermine trust. In this context, the right Content Management System (CMS) can go a long way in maintaining brand identity.

Tags: Content Management, Brand Management, online brand

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