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Content Management System Pocket Guide

Congratulations you’ve decided to embark on the journey to implement a content management system (CMS) for your Web site. This document assumes that you have already built the business case for purchasing a CMS and has been signed off on by the appropriate stakeholders. If you’re decided, you’re likely considering a number of solutions including installed software, open source software, hosted services and developing your own custom solution. Each have their own merits, limitations and unique requirements, but all pretty much follow a basic set of considerations for implementing and deploying. There are definitely a lot of horror stories floating around detailing the pain, frustration and expectations of implementing a CMS. The one thing that we would like you to get out of this document is to understand that it is not that hard. Each company and each vendor approach to the process is a little different, which is why we have consolidated best practices designed to arm you with a high level set of information that will guide you through the evaluation, implementation and deployment process. To be clear this is not meant as the definitive guide to content management. There are organizations and whole books devoted to that; rather, this is a “field guide” to the process. So let’s begin to inspect the pitfalls and explore the opportunities available in rolling out this new solution for your organization.

Tags: Web Content Management, CMS

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