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Interwoven® LiveSite™

Interwoven LiveSite™ is a dynamic content delivery engine that enables users to accelerate time-to-Web and reduce costs by making it easy to deliver dynamic, interactive Websites without IT involvement or costly custom-coded delivery solutions. LiveSite also serves as a foundation for the Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics and Multi-channel Delivery solutions. The Interwoven Web Content Management solution supports both coupled and de-coupled content management and delivery strategies. Content can be delivered through LiveSite, a portal framework, a custom solution, or all of the above. Out-of-the-box and custom components, configurations, rules, stylesheets, caching parameters, and content are used to automatically generate the dynamic site experience. LiveSite automatically recognizes and interprets pages created in Interwoven TeamSite and efficiently assembles their content and presentation on visitor request.

Tags: Content Management, Web Content Management, content integration, Content Targeting

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