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Enterprises today need more than a basic Web presence to support business initiatives and meet customer demands. Web-based business applications and the information that drives them has become the lifeblood of business growth. Success in this complex environment means quality, responsiveness, agility, and the ability to effectively manage and deliver the massive amount of content at the foundation of all interactions. Creating, managing, and delivering this critical content is extremely complicated. It comes from many sources (internal, 3rd party sourced, customer generated) in multiple formats, is stored in multiple repositories and has many destinations (often global). Similarly, new pressures come from the next generation Web where increased interactivity and customer demands are changing the way companies do business. Lacking the ability to organize, centralize, and standardize this content chaos, as well as nimbly and proactively react to new business opportunities stunts business growth, slows time to market, negatively impacts your brand, and reduces customer loyalty.

Tags: Content Management, Web Content Management, Content Targeting

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