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At-Home Agents Report

In their eternal pursuit of cost-efficiency, enterprises worldwide are beginning to use a variety of strategies to reduce call center costs while boosting productivity. Although many businesses have moved their call center operations offshore, industry reports indicate that companies are increasingly looking to a solution that is - literally - closer to home: virtual call centers staffed by home-based agents who are connected to the enterprise via the Internet. Seeking a more comprehensive understanding of the virtual call center trend, in 2006 Five9, Inc. commissioned a survey of decision-makers in the call center community to assess the extent to which call centers were using at-home agents and attitudes toward the practice. A Web-based survey was sent to leading call center executives, and distributed to the greater call center community through a variety of industry newsletters. The survey's questions explored the current use of at-home agents, as well as factors that may promote or limit the widespread adoption of this strategy in the years ahead.

Tags: Call Center, Virtual Call Center, call center software

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